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Animalog is the software package you need to manage your pet treatment business.

From hydrotherapy to grooming, you can manage all of your clients, their pets, appointments and treatments from one place. This cuts down on your admin time whilst keeping accurate records for your business.

Packed with great features


Whether your service business assists mice, cats, dogs, horses or chimpanzees. You can record all of your clients pets details, treatments and documents in one place with Animalog.


Keep track of all your appointments with the customisable calendar. Ensuring that Animalog works for you and your business to keep you on track and efficient.


Animalog create veterinary documents straight from the database to help cut down on your admin time and guarantee a professional and accurate document is produced.


Manage your teams access with ease to ensure security and reliability of the data held by your centre. Whether you are a team of 1 or 1,000, Animalog is here for you.


If you are a pet service provider that utilises water in your treatments, Animalog will allow you to measure and record your water management over time.


All of your data is stored securely with Animalog in line with the latest GDPR regulations. Ensuring that you don't have think twice about data protection, giving you peace of mind.

Animalog is quick, easy to use and is packed full of great features to allow you to maintain and grow your business.
With a price of just £50 per month, which works out at just under £1.65 per day, you can't afford to miss out.

Check out Animalog today by signing up for a free trial.

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Designed by therapists, for therapists

This system is the only system you'll ever need. Animalog was built by therapists with 20 years of treatment and administration experience and conforms to all of the latest guidelines to keep your data meeting the quality standards set out.

Whether you are just starting out, already an established provider, or are looking to grow your business, Animalog is here for you.

The features and functions of Animalog

As well as managing all of your client information and treatment records, Animalog can also handle the running of your business including:

  • Managing pool and treadmill water treatments for those providers that utilise pools or a body of water for their services.
  • The stock management of sundry products that you sell such as treats and food (under development, will be released soon).
  • Generating invoices for clients ready to be emailed direct or printed, whatever suits your business best.
  • Managing your staff and their workload within your service centre to ensure that your appointments are managed efficiently.

and so much more.